MoriforftAn Ipsos MORI survey for the Financial Times will not make encouraging reading for the Tory leader.  The survey gives Labour a 2% lead and also suggests that David Cameron’s overall rating has become slightly negative.  14% more voters approved of the Conservative leader in January than disapproved but ten months into Mr Cameron’s leadership the disapprovers very slightly outnumber the approvers.

MORI has been very volatile in recent times. notes the extent of that volatility this morning:

"Mori has a reputation for volatility. In the same poll a year ago it reported Labour 6% ahead, followed by a 10% margin in November which was suddenly turned round to a 9% Tory lead three weeks later."

Because no other mainstream pollster is finding such volatility ConservativeHome has dropped MORI from its poll of polls.  Ipsos – since it purchased MORI – has begun to overhaul polling operations in a bid to tackle this volatility problem. will restore MORI to its poll of polls when that overhaul is complete.

The FT article does not provide a figure for the LibDems.

PS A Times/ Populus poll appearing to suggest that swing voters are 51% to 24% inclined to Brown does not contain Tory/ LibDem waverers and is analysed expertly by Anthony Wells at UK Polling Report.