ConservativeHome’s exclusive yesterday that Tory MEPs had been whipped to vote for a report that included support for British membership of the euro has created something of a storm on this site and in other corners of the blogosphere.

Some additional information…

These MEPs obeyed the whip: Richard Ashworth, Christopher Beazley, John Bowis, Malcolm Harbour, Tim Kirkhope, Neil Parish, John Purvis, Struan Stevenson.

Statement from Nirj Deva MEP: "I note that some of my friends were surprised that my name was not among those of my friends Heaton Harris, Hannan, Callanan et al.  The reason that I did not vote against this appalling legislation is that I was NOT PRESENT at the vote as I was travelling back to the UK to attend an event in South West Surrey in honour of the constituency party’s outgoing Chairman. Had I been present in Strasbourg I would have voted a resounding "NO".  Keep fighting and every good wish."