"Support for Labour has dropped to its lowest level for almost 20 years, according to an opinion poll.  The ICM poll for Wednesday’s edition of The Guardian puts Labour on 29%, 10 points behind the Tories on 39%, with the Liberal Democrats on 22%.  Labour’s support equals a previous record low for the party in an ICM/Guardian poll recorded in May 1987." – Sky News

1am, 25/10 update:

The new Guardian/ ICM numbers have been put into CH’s poll of polls (and MORI’s numbers have been dropped because of their volatility) and they produce a Tory average lead of 5.2%.  This lead is consistent with yesterday’s Communicate Research poll for The Independent which recorded a 6% lead.   Communicate Research is also excluded from the CH Poll of Polls but because of its irregularity rather than its volatility.