It’s hardly a sexy news story but page two of today’s London Evening Standard appears to suggest something very grown-up about David Cameron’s Conservatives.

The Tory leader is planning to establish an ‘Implementation Office’ early next year which will draw up "the most detailed preparations" for an incoming Conservative government.  Every Tory frontbencher will have to liaise with the IO’s permanent staff of business professionals and former civil servants.  Slowly but surely every shadow team will build up a ‘to do list’ for civil servants with detailed information on the Conservative legislative programme.  The IO will also be responsible for training Tory frontbenchers on how to manage their future departments.


Editor’s comment:
"This initiative is very welcome.  It begins to address the claim that Project Cameron is all style and no substance.  Over time the IO’s ‘prospectus’ is expected to come to 40,000 words of detail on the Tory programme.  The Implementation Office could also build a perception that David Cameron is leading a government-in-waiting.  It will also contrast with Labour’s inability to implement what they promise – this Labour Government’s greatest failure (see David Cameron on Labour’s graveyard of initiatives)."