Earlier this week ConservativeHome highlighted the Daily Mail’s shallow response to Gordon Brown’s Conference speech.  Yesterday’s leader in The Mail was as ungenerous to David Cameron as the newspaper had been generous to The Chancellor.  The Mail’s behaviour when set alongside The Daily Telegraph’s suspicion Project Cameron and the ways in which The Sun has still been spinning for New Labour does give credence to Peter Oborne’s view that there is no longer a reliable Tory press.  Mr Oborne is quoted in today’s Independent on Sunday saying the following:

"The Tory press is a fantasy in the minds of people like Polly Toynbee. It doesn’t exist any more and it hasn’t since 1990 when it fragmented and parts of it then went pro-Blair. The real division in the British press is between the neocons and the rest – America versus Europe if you like – and in the neocon camp I would put the Telegraph, News International, the Express and The Observer [because of its stance on Iraq and Blair’s foreign policy]."

Mr Oborne has emerged as one of Fleet Street’s leading backers of David Cameron – yesterday writing an article for The Daily Mail predicting that the Tory leader will be able to crush Gordon Brown.  Bruce Anderson, Matthew d’Ancona, Daniel Finkelstein, Michael Portillo and Alice Thomson are other columnists who reliably defend Project Cameron.

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