Webcameron – the Tory leader’s YouTube-type attempt to bypass the soundbite mainstream media and communicate directly with voters – will have received a large number of extra hits in the last 24 hours.  Labour MP Sion Simon probably didn’t intend that but his tasteless video (already viewed more than 50,000 times) has provided priceless publicity for David Cameron’s own internet initiative.

In the video Mr Simon, in his crude impersonation of the Tory leader, says:

"Yo. My name’s Dave, yeah? Thing is, I’m just like you… I’ve got the same worries, the same troubles, the same cares, the same trouble and strife….Want to sleep with my wife? That’s cool. Come down, check it out, we’ll sort it out. Safe… I’ve got two kids – kid one, kid two. You like them? Take one – that’s cool."

Tory MP Peter Luff told the BBC that Mr Simon should be "thoroughly ashamed of himself".  Less predictable was Labour MP Stephen Pound’s criticism.  Mr Pound described the video as "a new low in British politics", saying he thought Mr Cameron’s wife Samantha would be "hurt and insulted" by such "sinister" remarks.