New_transnational_regionLast week at UK taxpayers’ expense there was the first Transnational Regional Assembly meeting for the Arc Manche region of southern England, northern France and west Belgium.

In a CCHQ press release Eric Pickles MP, Shadow Minister for Local Government, said:

“This is the political equivalent of Frankenstein’s monster, a hybrid creation of John Prescott and European Union bureaucrats. Taxpayers will be alarmed that their hard-earned cash is now being spent on literally wiping England off the map and handing power to foreign politicians who they never elected.  This Labour-EU project needs to be stopped before these transnational regions grab real power and funding. I fear that John Prescott’s legacy of unelected and unaccountable regional assemblies in England will be the blueprint for a new masterplan – further undermining England’s cherished local and national identities, and creating a European super-state via the back door.”

Download pdf of full CCHQ press release and see related ToryDiary entry: Cartographic conspiracy.