David Cameron challenged Tony Blair on Iraq policy at PMQs.  The Tory leader accused Mr Blair of saying one thing about Iraq while General Sir Richard Dannatt was saying another.  A little later in PMQs Ming Campbell expressed his disappointment at David Cameron.  "I can’t help making the point that complaints about the Government’s Iraq policy would be more acceptable from those who opposed the policy in the first place," the LibDem leader said.  Sir Menzies went on to say that Britain should leave Iraq or radically change strategy.

Tony Blair was uncompromising in his position.  He said that it would be disastrous to withdraw from Iraq "before the job is done."  No quarter would be given, he said, in standing with moderates in Afghanistan and Iraq against the extremists.  He continued:

"If we desert the Iraqi Government now, at the very time when they are building up the forces, so that the Iraqi forces can take over security, (it) would be a gross dereliction of our duty to them."

David Cameron went on to warn that scrapping the Post Office card accounts could deal a "fatal blow" to rural and other sub-post offices.  Prime Minister Tony Blair said that "all options" except more government subsidy were on the table in the Government’s controversial review.  See related BBC report.