NottheindependentThis morning The Treasury isn’t unveiling a report detailing the likely impact on international energy prices of Iran becoming a nuclear power with the potential to hold the world to ransom.  There is no sub-section of any report detailing the economic and ecological impact of Iran firing a battlefield nuclear weapon against Israel.

Former US Vice Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman isn’t being appointed as an adviser to the British Government with a responsibility to convince the American people that the United Nations is too morally compromised to do anything about North Korea’s nuclear build-up.

Yesterday’s Mail on Sunday did not report a leaked
memo from Des Browne to Gordon Brown calling for investment in a missile defence shield that might defend the western democracies from rogue states armed with nuclear weapons.

BBC reporters did not conduct any breathless interviews with scientists about the impact on world economies of a nuclear attack.

The Conservative Party did not issue the following statement: "The problem of climate change is serious but nuclear proliferation is a more imminent danger that demands the world’s urgent attention."

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