Matthew Parris in today’s Times:

"Mr Cameron must be brave in the way Jack
Straw was brave this week when he wrote what he did about the Muslim
veil. He must say or do something that he genuinely believes to be
important and right but which will hurt or annoy significant numbers of
people, including natural supporters. These “moments” cannot be
confected or precipitated by a team of professional advisers; and if
anyone tries, it will show. They must come naturally. There is no such
thing as a fight that carries few real risks, yet reveals the fighter
to be brave.  Otherwise the cartoonists will carry the day. Martin
Rowson, of The Guardian, is drawing Mr Cameron as a plump,
purple-pantalooned popinjay, prancing around a pantomime stage
trilling: “Hello flowers! Hello clouds! Hello trees!” As Bambi was
found to have teeth, so must a sword be discovered beneath those
pantaloons — and quite urgently."