MatthewelliottSome time ago, when I was very confident that David Cameron would deliver his EPP pledge in a timely way, I agreed to a £100 wager with Mr Chad Noble.  I promised to pay The TaxPayers’ Alliance £100 if the Tories failed to leave the federalist grouping by the end of the year.  Chad promised to pay £100 into CCHQ coffers if Tory MEPs were out of the EPP by 31st December 2006.

History, of course, proved Chad right on this particular issue and earlier today I cycled to the TPA’s offices and handed over my £100 cheque.  The TPA is such a good cause so I am very happy to see my money go to help their fight for taxpayer value.

Another upside is that Chad has promised to stop commenting on ConservativeHome now my debt has been settled.  Goodbye Chad.  Hopefully our threads are now a little safer from being constantly sidetracked into ‘Vote UKIP’ debates.