CwfsteamrollerEarlier today Greg Hands MP launched a Conservative Way Forward campaign for flatter taxes.  The steamroller above was used to bring the campaign alive.  A CWF leaflet listed ten solid reasons for flat tax:

  1. Achieves simplicity and economic efficiency;
  2. Eliminates double taxation on savings and investment;
  3. Offers individuals more control of their money;
  4. Reduce the time and cost of completing tax forms;
  5. Reduces the bureaucracy of collecting tax;
  6. Reduces interest rates;
  7. Reduces tax evasion;
  8. Exempts the poor from paying any tax;
  9. Makes the British fiscal system more attractive to foreign investment;
  10. Increases government revenue.

Greg Hands is encouraging the party to undertake serious study of flattening the tax system and does not believe that the CWF campaign contradicts the Cameron-Osborne objection to making up front cuts in taxation.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has unveiled an ICM poll which suggests that voters would be more inclined to vote Conservative if the party promised to reduce taxation: "The TPA has released a new ICM poll ahead of the Conservative Party conference. It shows that people would be more inclined to vote Conservative at the next election if they pledged lower taxes or they wouldn’t mind. This undermines the view from people around the leadership that seem to think that calling for lower taxes will damage their electoral appeal – a view that some people genuinely do hold. The poll also shows that people really want serious public service reform and constitutional reform to allow non-MPs to be brought into Government to run things."