David Frum (recently Q&A’d on ConservativeHome) is one of America’s leading conservative commentators.  I’ve noted before how British conservatism is becoming increasingly different from the conservatism of other Anglosphere nations (see here and here).  Mr Frum has noticed, too:

"Guess whose political platform this is:

– Tax cuts? No.

– More public money for government-monopoly health care? Yes.

– Same-sex marriage? Enthusiastically yes.

– Big supermarkets? Offenders against the environment.

– Kyoto Accord. Absolutely.

– Terrorism? Close Guantanamo.

– Illegal immigration? Don’t talk about it.

– Israel’s response to Hezbollah’s rocket attacks? Disproportionate.

– George W. Bush? No friend of ours."

Some modernising Cameroons will welcome criticism from the man who wrote the ‘axis of evil’ line for George Bush’s famous State of the Union address.  And it might be true that Mr Cameron’s strategy might be right for ‘BBC-land Britain’ – time will tell – but we should know that it is very different from the conservatism of three election winners; George W Bush, Stephen Harper and John Howard.  Read David Frum’s full article here.