David Cameron uses an interview for The Sunday Telegraph to launch another strong attack on Gordon Brown.  In January the Tory leader compared the Chancellor to a speak-your-weight machine.  This is what Mr Cameron said for today’s interview:

"He’s being pushed around by everyone. He’s been told he needs to look more modern, so he tells us he likes the Arctic Monkeys. Incredible. He’s told he looks too Scottish, so he tells us he likes Gazza’s goal against Scotland. Utterly incredible.  He’s told you’re plotting too much and you look like a schemer, so he says Tony’s always going to be my friend. Completely incredible.  If you’re pushed around this much before you’ve even applied for the job what are you going to be like as prime minister.  It just makes me laugh. People tend to think of Gordon Brown as strong but he’s just being pushed all over the place.  I think his credibility has been damaged. I’ve made all sorts of mistakes but I haven’t done or said anything that I don’t feel 100 per cent comfortable about and I observe what he has been doing and saying and I just find it all totally incredible."

Everything David Cameron says is true, of course, but I can’t help feeling that the Tory leader would look more statesmanlike if he allowed the press and a few of the more fierce backbench MPs to go after Gordon Brown.  As ConservativeHome noted at the time, Mr Cameron’s non-reaction to Labour’s early September madness was exactly right.  This appears at the end of an article in this morning’s Sunday Times:

"And what about attacking Labour and Gordon Brown? “We are working on the Napoleonic thinking of ‘never interrupt an enemy while they are making a mistake’,” said one aide."

That tactic of non-interference in Labour’s internal affairs is the right one.