As Caroline Spelman warned last year, it appears the Government is using Northern Ireland to roll out plans to give a new army of Council tax inspectors the right to enter homes and value them.

There will be heavy fines for non-compliance – up to £1000 with £200 per day after that.

Caroline, the Conservative Party’s local government spokesman, has today attacked the plans from a libertarian perspective:

"For all of Labour’s talk of human rights, these new ‘Article 38’
powers are the footprint of an oppressive and greedy government.
Conservatives will resist these new authoritarian powers, and will
stand up for people’s property, privacy and liberty."

The Party has also used YouTube to publicise a video-guide of America’s "Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal" inspection scheme for valuing homes. It shows an inspector snooping around a house and is hoped to make people wary of the idea.

Deputy Editor