Research of political party memberships conducted by the liberal Unlock Democracy campaign shows how uneven Conservative Party membership is across the country.

Approximately 20% of Conservative Associations have less than 100 members, with many northern Associations having less than 50 members, whilst 97% of constituencies have more than 100 Labour Party members.

Quite encouragingly however, the Conservatives are better off when it comes to money – the percentages of party associations with less than £5000 (just 7p per elector) were: 34% Conservative, 50% Labour, 73% Liberal Democrat.

Some efforts have been made to revive the Party structurally in the North – Liverpool and Manchester have voted to amalgamate their respective city associations and Shadow Cabinet members have been assigned to oversee mostly northern cities.

The lack of northern candidates on the A list is undoubtedly a problem, although David Cameron has denied that candidates aren’t applying in the North. The proportion may be equal to how many there are on the candidates list but if we have to have a list that prioritises certain candidates then being local or at least regional is a far more important quality in the eyes of the electorate than skin colour or gender.

In terms of national party workers and active members, the Party is still overwhelmingly southern English. If this should be changed somehow, how?

Deputy Editor