There’s some pretty offensive stuff on YouTube as well as some great stuff but how much longer will YouTube allow conservatives to publish edgy material?

Banned1_1I ask the question because Michele Malkin’s ‘First, they came for…’ video about the dangers of Islamic extremists has been banned by YouTube.  This has happened at the same time that YouTube has been hosting videos of US troops under attack in Iraq.

It’s easy for conservatives to be conspiratorial/ paranoid about this.  It might simply be the case that MM’s video essay was banned because "YouTube pulls videos if enough users flag them as inappropriate [and] lots of it people who can’t stand Malkin flagged it, and it was automatically removed" (Blue Bayou).

There is a long-term trend here that should worry conservatives and it’s spotlighted by Robert Cox in The Examiner:

"According to USA Today, 98 percent of the money donated to political parties by Google employees — “Google Millionaires” — went to Democrats.  But it’s not just Google’s media and financial muscle that benefits the left. Liberals run the leading blog search engine — Technorati. They run the leading blog software manufacturer — Six Apart [who host ConservativeHome]. They invented two of the most important blogging technologies — Podcasting and RSS. The list goes on and on… Malkin may have been the first casualty in the coming information war but she certainly will not be the last. Yet online conservative elites seem not to care. They fail to realize that voters are increasingly accessing news and information from these new media sources and that these sources are using their editorial discretion to publish and promote a liberal — not conservative — agenda."

Food for thought.  In the meantime (at least until the censor strikes…) 18 Doughty Street Talk TV has its own YouTube page.