Spelman_caroline_2 Caroline Spelman has reacted angrily to Labour plans to use ‘Big Brother snooping technology’ – being modelled in Northern Ireland – to make people living in desirable areas pay more and more council tax:

"There is growing alarm about the Labour Government’s use of Big Brother computers to hike taxes.  First, they want to log and record every feature of your home, from double glazing to the number of bedrooms. Next, they want clip-board wielding bureaucrats to have the right to inspect your home.  Now, Labour intends to tax you not just for every home improvement, but also the neighbourhood you live in.  This is the hallmark of an oppressive and greedy government finding every more stealthy ways to tax working families and pensioners and trampling over privacy when it suits them."

The following factors could all drive up council tax bills if
Labour’s computerised modelling of an area’s ‘desirability’ is adopted

  • Good local exam results
  • Good local hospitals
  • Low crime rate
  • High number of local professionals
  • Size of phone bills
  • What sort of pets neighbours have
  • Proportion of local people who pay credit card bills on time
  • Where neighbours go on holiday…

Leader-writers at The Daily Mail are angry: "Don’t dare live in
pleasant surroundings.  Don’t dream of crime-free streets or decent
schools.  And don’t even think of a loft conversion or a new kitchen to
improve your home – not if you want to avoid being penalised and