According to David Cameron has signed the petition to abolish the Strasbourg Parliament and ensure that MEPs only meet in Brussels.  Leader of the Tory MEPs Timothy Kirkhope welcomed the Tory leader’s move:

"David Cameron’s endorsement of the campaign is a symbol of how we Conservatives want to reform Europe. To be in Europe, leading in Europe is our aim. Ending the Strasbourg circus is a first step on the road to reform."

Mr Cameron signed the petition on the launch day of the Movement for European Reform.

This press release from CCHQ:

"The Conservative Party and the Civic Democrat Party will this evening launch a website for the Movement for European Reform. 

Conservative Party Leader David Cameron said: “We are launching a new Movement for European Reform because it is time to drive forward a new agenda in Europe – looking outwards to the world, flexible, competitive and ready to face the challenges of globalisation in the 21st Century.  It’s because we want to see a future for the EU and believe in a strong Europe that we want to make the EU confront its failings.  We will be a strong new voice for change, optimism and hope.”

Leader of the ODS Delegation in the European Parliament Jan Zahradil said: “With great pleasure I can see, that our joint commitment from July about forming a new group in the European Parliament is taking on its first practical achievement.  I have no doubt that this will be a major challenge to the outdated federalist ideas on Europe.”

Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said: “This will be a forum for debate about the reform that Europe so badly needs. I look forward to the Movement for European Reform becoming a powerhouse of ideas for change.” 

Shadow Minister for Europe, Graham Brady, said: “This is an exciting new project which aims to build a body of opinion in the European Union in support of a flexible, open EU.  We are bringing together politicians, opinion-formers, businesspeople and interested citizens from across Europe who share our belief that the European Union needs profound change if it is to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”"