In his speech (a pdf of which is here) yesterday to Age Corncern the Tory leader highlighted a scheme run by Tory-run Kirklees council that shifts the burden of rising council tax from pensioners to younger residents. 

For next year’s budget Kirklees Council of West Yorkshire plans to levy only a 1% increase on pensioners but a 5% 3% (correction at 11.42am) increase for other council taxpayers.  Mr Cameron praised the Kirklees scheme as as "a great example of civic responsibility":

"The whole point is that it is a local idea… Kirklees council has decided to use its powers to introduce a lower council tax for pensioners. They register and will get a guaranteed small fixed increase of no more than one per cent.  The burden of doing this falls on other households, but the registration scheme helps the council ensure that more older people get the benefits they are entitled to. That’s just the sort of initiative I believe in."

Mr Cameron’s speech also suggested that grandparents might be paid up to £175 per week to look after grandchildren (in order to "restore the relationship between the generations") and that house design should change to make it easier for older people to delay going into formal care.

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