David Cameron highlighted crime during today’s PMQs:

"The Chancellor told us he was going to freeze the assets of terrorists. He couldn’t even stop Abu Hamza buying a house while he was in prison.  The youth justice system is in meltdown. The prison system can’t cope.  Dangerous prisoners are released early. No proper border controls. Isn’t this the truth.  It doesn’t matter who’s in charge – Blair/Brown, Brown/Blair – this country isn’t safe under Labour."

Tony Blair’s response:

"Under the last Tory government crime doubled. Under this Government crime has fallen.  We’ve introduced tougher measures that, it’s true, have put more people into prison. But every one of those tough measures you opposed. So there’s no point you coming to the despatch box now and saying why aren’t we taking tougher action on crime.  Every time we’ve tried to take tougher action, you’ve opposed it. The truth is you talk tough but vote soft."