According to the Mail on Sunday the Tory leader is going to make a bid to win over the grey vote in a major speech to Age Concern tomorrow.

Up until now the Tory leader has focused on younger voters – not least via stunts such as his meeting with rapper Rhymefest a few days ago.  Tomorrow Mr Cameron will reject Tony Blair’s Cool Britannia notion that Britain is a "young country" and say that Britain is an "old country – with our best years ahead of us."

He will say that it is too simplistic to view older people as a cost to society.  He will say that they can also be a great benefit.  The MoS:

"If people over 50 who wanted to work could find jobs it could boost the economy by up to £30billion a year, he will say, adding that unpaid work by the elderly, such as picking up grandchildren from school or voluntary work, is worth another £24billion a year.  And he will argue that older people are often more ‘future-oriented’ than the young, who are obsessed with the present, saying: "Older people think about their grandchildren and their community, and how to improve it.""

Older voters are the most likely group of society to vote and have traditionally been most inclined to vote Conservative.

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