BBC Online is asking ‘Is it time for tax cuts?’  The vast majority of people leaving comments appear to believe that it is.  What a time for the Tories to accept Labour’s framing of the tax debate!

Here are a few of the comments:

"im only 22 and renting with my brother… i see it like this

earn your wage and pay tax
get a mortgage and pay tax
buy your house pay stamp duty
when you die u pay tax
private pension, pays tax
savings, excluding some, pay tax
shares pay tax

i feel sick thinking about how much i’ll pay in tax over my lifetime! u?  so anything which make me pay less tax im for!  am i wrong?" – Matt, Norwich

"Tax cuts sound wonderful. At the moment it feels as though we are being taxed to within an inch of our incomes and that it is all going into a blackhole. None of the basic services are improving, so where is it going? As long as the economy is not jeopardised, I say bring it on!" – Beth Baker, Stroud, United Kingdom

"No matter the amount we pay the government will waste most of it, I would much rather we pay lower taxes than pay higher and have the same effect. We pay one of the highest rates in the world, we need them lowered." – Simon, Hampshire

"Look at the job adverts for the public sector in your local papers: they’re nearly all for inspectors, administrators, co-ordinators etc, many on huge salaries. Not many doctors, nurses, police or teachers are there? This is just one thing that taxpayers’ money is squandered on. Think you can’t cut tax without affecting essential services? Think again." – rob, bournemouth

"Of course it is time for tax cuts. People are finding it harder to live as taxes go up but this government simply does not care about anything or anybody only about getting more money so it can claim to be spending more and as such to be delivering better public services which it is not." – Wayne Morris, Port Talbot

"The people who have a problem with tax cuts are those who do not want to work and want others to support their lifestyle of government benefits. People who understand more money in your pocket means more power and more self reliance know this is a good move. Unfortunately, there are still far too many people who expect others to provide for them and see to all of their needs from cradle to grave." – Martin, Sheffield, United Kingdom

"At last someone is talking about tax cuts leading to a vibrant, low tax, low benefit fraud, job creating economy. The cuts need to be paid for by slashing the bureacracy, quangos, inefficiency and waste that has been the hallmark of "Tax and Waste" New Age Labour.  Go Brown, we have had enough of you." – BAZ SAUNDERS, PERTH, United Kingdom

A similar unscientific response is emerging on AOL.