Ed Balls was one of four Labour MPs who legally appealed against boundary changes which would hurt their careers – his seat of Normanton will no longer exist. The High Court has rejected their appeals and awarded costs to the Boundary Commission.

These changes are a modest attempt to address the fact that the Conservatives need about a 10% lead over Labour in terms of votes, to return the same number of MPs.

Oliver Heald, Shadow Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs, made the point that this would further increase the unlikelihood of Brown calling a snap election:

"This is a major blow to Ed Balls’ attempt to allow Gordon Brown to
call a snap election on out-of-date and unfair Parliamentary
boundaries. We are pleased that the High Court has seen through a clear
attempt to delay the independent Boundary Commission’s proposals."

With Murdoch sticking his oar in, no money in the Labour bank, and repeated opinion polls putting Brown behind Cameron – a snap election can’t be on the cards at this stage. That is, if Brown wins…

Deputy Editor