The European Parliament has just approved – by a large majority – a report
endorsing an enhanced "European dimension in education".  I don’t know what a "European dimension" means but I don’t like the sound of it – particularly now that I’ve discovered that Europhile Tory MEP Christopher Beazley was one of the report’s authors.  A few Tory MEPs voted against the report including Chris Heaton-Harris, Syed Kamall and Martin Callanan.  The delegation as a whole was whipped into abstention but at least those three MEPs rebelled.

4.30PM NEWS UPDATE: This story gets better or do I mean worse? Despite the whip the leader of the Strasbourg/ Brussels Tories, Timothy Kirkhope voted for the Beazley motion!!  John Bowis, John Purvis, Struan Stevenson and Robert Sturdy also defied the whip.  Roger Helmer joined CHH, SK and MC in voting against the motion.  Dan Hannan and David Sumberg were absent.  All other MEPs abstained – as they were instructed.