Yougovforthesun_1Yesterday we learnt of an unlikely 1% Labour lead from a MORI survey.  A YouGov survey for today’s Sun – taken before Clare Short’s outburst – is more in line with recent opinion polls – giving the Tories a 7% lead.  The Tories enjoy a 5.8% lead in the ConservativeHome poll of polls.

The most interesting aspect of The Sun’s coverage of their YouGov poll is the newspaper’s willingness to put the most positive pro-Brown spin on the poll’s more detailed findings…

"Gordon Brown is well on the way to redeeming himself in the wake of the Tony Blair coup affair, a Sun poll reveals today.  His public support for the Prime Minister in the last few days has restored the public’s faith in him, according to our exclusive survey…

The YouGov survey gave a further boost to Mr Brown with a massive 84 per cent of Labour voters saying he has done a “good job” running the economy…

Even better, he is a crushing 13 points — a country mile in political terms — ahead of nearest rival John Reid in the race to succeed the PM and an astonishing 21 points ahead of “golden boy” Alan Johnson…"

The Sun still appears open to back Gordon Brown and in the Sun Says column is downbeat about the Tory performance: "While Labour was in the middle of a war of words, the Tory Party’s lead over Labour went DOWN, not UP."

Another way of reading Gordon Brown’s interventions of the last two days – describing Tony Blair as his friend and his new willingness to talk about his baby’s tragic death – is to see the Brown camp panicking at the rise of Alan Johnson following the Brownites’ plotting of last week.

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