The No Turning Back group are planning to release a pamphlet outlining the moral case for lower taxes at Party Conference. Published by the Selsdon Group, John Redwood (Chairman of NTB) writes in the foreword that:

"Lower taxes are not a desirable extra you can add when everything is
going fine. Lower tax rates are the way to get everything going well."

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the pamphlet is already endorsed by Desmond Swayne, Bernard Jenkin, David Davis, Liam Fox and Theresa
Villiers. Allister Heath adds weight to their argument in The Business:

"This misguided belief that tax policy is merely an accounting exercise
is at the root of the Tories misunderstanding of how the economy works
and will eventually cost them dear at the ballot box."

The moral case for taxation is to be articulated starkly in statistics released by the Centre for Policy Studies on Monday, showing how the poor are paying a higher share of the total tax
burden and getting a lower share of government benefits than before 1997.

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