Commenting on the recent poll about public appetite for tax cuts, James Harkin in today’s Guardian remarks:

Tpa_3"But only in the small print was it pointed out that the poll was
carried out on behalf of an obscure organisation called the Taxpayers
Alliance. On its garishly old-fashioned website, the Taxpayers Alliance
boasts 5,000 supporters, but as you can register your support simply by
sending an email address – as I did, just for the hell of it – it
hardly amounts to a revolution."

He goes on to decry the shift in influence from voluntary associations to professional advocacy groups. It’s odd
that he decided to single the TPA out for criticism though, it’s hardly an elite lobbying organisation pushing the interests of a minority.

"Some argue the grassroots politics that were trampled by insiderism and
professionalism can be refurbished with new social movements based on
the web – the so-called net roots."

And they would be right.

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