PottylibsThere has been a lot of debate about the possibility of the Tories embracing green taxation.  This morning’s newspapers – and their coverage of the LibDems’ plans to raise green taxes – gives David Cameron an indication of how ‘blue-green taxation’ might be received.  Page 2 of The Sun is topped by the above headline and Page 2 of the Daily Mail carries this headline:

LibDems Prepare To Drop £4,500 Car And Home Tax Bombshell.

This is what The Sun Says about the LibDems’ plans:

"Drivers of two-litre cars would see road tax soar from £190 to £1,500.  The figures are simply insane, given the tax burden the average Brit is already buckling under.  But the Lib-Dem conference is poised to approve them this week.  This rabble only indulge in such wild fantasies safe in the knowledge they’ll never have to act them out.  Given the current weakness of both Labour and the Tories, it is a crying shame our third major party is such a waste of space."

Lord (Michael) Forsyth’s much-awaited Tax Commission will report after the Tory conference according to The Daily Mail and will present a menu of tax cutting options for the Cameron team.  It will recommend cuts in business and income taxes and how those cuts might be paid for – with the abolition of perks that complicate the tax system and with new environmental levies.  In order to satisfy Team Cameron’s controversial ‘stability before tax cuts’ pledge Lord Forsyth is to carefully package his recommendations as tax cuts that do not jeopardise economic stability.

This morning’s Telegraph leads on a major report from the Reform think tank.  Reform talks of the IPOD generation – Insecure, Pressured, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden.  Reform’s Andrew Haldenby told The Telegraph:

"Young people are in danger of drowning under a sea of rising taxes and new compulsory payments. They are in desperate need of a lifebelt, in the form of a long-term commitment to public spending, discipline and tax reductions."

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