Fredrik Reinfeldt has been compared to a hybrid of Iain Duncan Smith and David Cameron – with the former Tory leader’s looks and the current leader’s moderation.  The Swedish conservative leader is his nation’s new Prime Minister after winning a narrow victory over the centre-left Social Democrats who have led Sweden for 65 of the last 74 years.

Mr Reinfeldt has promised to "trim" taxes, benefits and regulation – rather than radically alter the Swedish model where average taxes are 55%.

Mr Reinfeldt has said that his welfare policies have been inspired by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.  His victory remarks certainly sounded very new Labour (as reported by BBC Online)…

ran in the election as the New Moderates, we have won the election as
the New Moderates and we will also together with our Alliance friends
govern Sweden as the New Moderates."

The headline chosen by The Independent reveals what Britain’s most left-leaning mainstream newspaper thinks of Mr Reinfeldt’s victory:  ‘Sweden lurches to the right’.