More later.  Background information on the Helmer situation here and at ReinstateRoger.

Hat-tip: Fortress EU (from the corridors of (limited) power in the European Parliament).

Noon confirmation:

"Dear Colleague,

Please find attached a memorandum from the Leader and myself.

Philip Bradbourn
Chief Whip


The attached memo is:



To:                   Members of the UK Delegation                   

From:               Timothy Kirkhope MEP
                        Leader, Conservatives in the European Parliament


                        Philip Bradbourn MEP
                         Chief Whip

Date:                13 September 2006


Following his agreement of terms, the Conservative Whip in the European Parliament has been restored to Roger Helmer MEP with immediate effect."

1pm update: "ConservativeHome understands that Roger Helmer’s reinstatement followed enormous pressure on Timothy Kirkhope, Leader of the Tory MEPs, from David Cameron and Patrick McLoughlin.  Mr Helmer was originally told he could only have the whip restored if he agreed to various conditions including a three month probationary period.  This was unacceptable to Mr Helmer.  The Westminster Tory leadership feared that ‘the Helmer issue’ would be an unwelcome diversion at the Bournemouth conference and Mr Helmer has now been taken back into the Tory group – almost without condition.  Mr Helmer remains outside the EPP, however, and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.  He now finds himself in the position that Mr Cameron promises for all Tory MEPs by 2009.  A Tory MEP outside of the EPP."


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