I’ve just been watching ITV1’s new Sunday Edition programme.  The programme format appeared pretty conventional overall but it was worth watching for a very suspicious moment involving Home Secretary John Reid.

Reid was being quizzed by presenter Andrew Rawnsley on a Sunday Telegraph report that the team of police officers charged with tracking down the non-deported foreign prisoners had been disbanded.  Mr Rawnsley was pressing Mr Reid on whether the most serious presenters had been locked up.  Just as the question was being put to Mr Reid in the most direct of ways Mr Reid looked like he was going to answer and then said ‘I think we’ve just been cut off’.  Andrew Rawnsley and viewers could clearly still hear Mr Reid and Mr Reid stroked his nose twice – often a tell-tale sign of deceit.  I’ve just spoken to Iain Dale about this and he says that Lord Falconer and Geoff Hoon recently suggested that the line had broken up during difficult interviews.

What’s your guess?  Is the reliability of technology deteriorating or are we led by the most evasive, deceitful government in history?

I wish I knew how to put the clip on YouTube…

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