ConservativeHome has previously listed the ten worst aspects of John Prescott’s policy legacy and a new paper from Tory MPs Gerald Howarth and Owen Paterson draws attention to the "crazy world" that John Prescott’s £10 million-a-year Standards Board has helped to create.

The Board, the two Cornerstone MPs contend, is fashioning a climate where "councillors with a mobile phone are banned from debating phone masts and those with cars are unable to vote on parking charges".  The paper (a pdf
of which can be downloaded) continues:

"A small army of so-called ethical standards officers, each earning £61,000 a year, backed up by hundreds of local “monitoring officers”  appointed by council chiefs, have grabbed power and routinely issue directives to councillors on what they can say or do.  The result, warns the Cornerstone paper, has been the negation of local democracy and the waste of millions of pounds of public money. Hundreds of councillors have resigned in disgust at the insane and unjust regime imposed by the Government."

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