Exclusive_9Three possible world leaders of tomorrow are now set to address this year’s Tory Party Conservative.

David Cameron and John McCain (who warmly endorsed the Conservative leader earlier this week) are already on the programme and ConservativeHome has now learnt that French interior minister and leading presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy – ‘the right-wing sun of French politics‘ – will be sending a video message to Bournemouth.

Mr Sarkozy’s ‘appearance’ will be a significant boost to Mr Cameron’s internationalist credentials.  It will worry some eurosceptics, however.  Mr Sarkozy was one of a number of European leaders who threatened to ostracise Mr Cameron if he fulfilled his pledge to take Tory MEPs out of the EPP.  Furthermore, today’s Telegraph reports Mr Sarkozy as favouring a "single European asylum office".  This week’s Economist calls on Mr Cameron to fully abandon his EPP pledge because "the best way to exercise influence in Europe is from within its biggest political group, rather than from the fringes".

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