Yesterday Work & Pensions Secretary John Hutton gave a speech on the importance of the two parent family and today’s Daily Mail gives it an enthusiastic welcome.  Mr Hutton, the newspaper’s leader writers declare, "deserves credit for challenging the politically correct nostrums that wreak such damage."  They continue:

"If only the same could be said of the Tories (with the honourable exception of Iain Duncan Smith, whose commitment to sanity on this issue deserves praise).  Under David Cameron’s leadership, a party that was once proud to promote family values has so far had nothing of substance to say on the subject."

The Mail is being too hard on David Cameron – who has, after all, given IDS the task of recommending a new family policy for the Tories – and is far too soft on Mr Hutton and New Labour.  Nine years into the Labour project you would have thought that newspapers like the Mail would have wised up to the utter meaninglessness of Labour’s announcements.  Hutton says the family is important but one of the first acts of New Labour was the abolition of the married couples’ allowance.  Tony Blair makes anti-union noises but capitulates to the unions on pensions policy and bungs them millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.  Gordon Brown promises to give the armed forces all of the resources it needs for our dangerous world but we all know that troops are terribly under-resourced.  I could go on but the Daily Mail should know better.

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