Logo_3Well, it’s true.  The logo that appeared on Iain Dale’s blog this morning is going to be the new Tory logo.  Two reactions:

  1. Iain scanned the image from his conference pass – which arrived in this morning’s post… a full seven days before the Party had officially scheduled the launch of the logo… in Leeds next week.  Another organisational triumph for CCHQ.
  2. How much did the party pay for this design?  It looks like a child’s drawing.  Someone has compared it to the coin scratch on a Lottery card.  ConservativeHome welcomed the idea of an oak tree image – in fact we first proposed it.  An oak tree stands for strength, patriotism, conservation and tradition.  This image is ill-defined and doesn’t really communicate any of those qualities. Is it too late for CCHQ to think again?  Please!

There’ll be a blogging stand at Tory conference.  See here for more.