YouTube has a fantastic assortment of political videos – many funny, many serious.

Here are a dozen of my favourite trips down memory lane…

  1. 0min 44sec: Margaret Thatcher explaining the sinking of the Belgrano during the Falklands War (unwavering)
  2. 0min 21sec: Ronald Reagan’s ‘I won’t exploit my opponent’s youth and inexperience’ remark against Walter Mondale (classic)
  3. 0min 28sec: The Morning in America advert for Reagan 1984 (the opposite of this)
  4. 9min 29sec: BBC1’s coverage of Mrs Thatcher’s resignation (historic)
  5. 0min 28sec: John Redwood trying to sing the Welsh national anthem (embarrassing)
  6. 0min 17sec: A drugged-up Boris Yeltsin dancing during his final Russian presidential campaign (unbelievable)
  7. 1min 36 sec: John Major with his peas (Spitting Image)
  8. 0min 24 sec: Bill Clinton denying he had sex with Monica Lewinsky (deceitful)
  9. 3min 14sec: Rudy Giuliani’s 9/11 interview (impressive)
  10. 9min 52sec: George W Bush appears alongside a George W Bush impersonator at the White House correspondents dinner (hilarious)
  11. 1min 16sec: Bush and Blair declare their love for one another (naughty but very funny)
  12. 1min 44sec: Cameron and Blair / Blair and Cameron (satirical)

What does YouTube mean for politics?  See Rolling Stone, Glenn Reynolds on and The New York Times.

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