Douglas Murray, author of Neoconservatism – why we need it (book review), writing on the Social Affairs Unit blog, is unimpressed with the Tory leader’s 9/11 speech –  particularly David Cameron’s request for more patience in security policy:

"What we need to demonstrate least of all with Iran at the moment is "patience". Patience on the part of the international community has all but given Tehran a nuclear bomb. An increase in our level of "patience" now will produce a permanent existential threat to Israel and the West, and ensure the whole Middle East goes nuclear within a few years."

Editor’s note: "The lack of urgency in David Cameron’s speech was certainly disappointing.  If the US strategy of pre-emptive war in Iraq has been on endless media trial in Iraq there has been much less media scrutiny of the European preference for jaw-jaw which has prevailed in relations with Iran.  If Iran ends up with nuclear weaponry the European approach will have produced a much more terrifying scenario than an Iraq bloodily struggling to hold itself together but which has the possibility of succeeding.  The reason why I am less critical of David Cameron’s speech than Douglas Murray is that it contains plenty to work with.  Mr Cameron hasn’t ruled out pre-emption or acting outside of the UN, for example.  If the international security situation deteriorates over coming months and years – as I fear it will – then there is plenty of room in David Cameron’s remarks to justify all that is necessary for Britain’s defence.  Whether there is the will is another matter."

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