This morning’s Telegraph reveals a number of ‘eye-catching initiatives’ that CCHQ hopes will liven up this year’s Party Conference.  They include a suggest-a-policy feature that will be vetted by a panel modelled on the successful Dragon’s Den television programme.  The conference theme will be A New Direction – the same headline chosen by US Democrats for their campaign to end the Republicans’ Congressional majority.

ConservativeHome is also preparing to make a big impact at the Bournemouth Conference.  Those who attend the annual conference often complain that the journalists don’t appear to have been at the same conference given what they tend to write.  This year ConservativeHome is recruiting a team of activist Tories to produce alternative coverage of the Tory conference – more comprehensive than any national newspaper.

Our reporting team already includes:

  • Highlights_1MPs Theresa May and Douglas Carswell.  Theresa will provide a daily view from the shadow cabinet and Douglas will report on the extent to which the Conference is following Direct Democracy’s localisation agenda.
  • Wat Tyler will be Conservative Home’s Tax and Economy Correspondent, Simon Chapman our Foreign Affairs Correspondent and James Cleverly will be Home Affairs Correspondent.
  • Other top reporters include Louise Bagshawe (Education), Nick Cuff (Local Government), Andrea Leadsom (Health), Ben Rogers (Environment) and Cameron Watt (Social Justice).
  • There will be two nightlife reporters touring the hotel bars with a digital camera and notebook.
  • We’ll also have a team of armchair reporters who – back at home – will be watching the BBC’s coverage of Conference and reporting on its strengths and biases.

This is a big exercise in ‘citizen journalism’ and all ideas on how we can best deliver this coverage would be warmly received.  ConservativeHome is also seeking a sponsor for this coverage.  If you are interested please email and your organisation’s name could be seen by the thousands of Tory activists, journalists and opinion-formers who read ConservativeHome everyday.

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