Conservativehometraffic_1 There were 470,354 page views/ downloads of ConservativeHome during August – a record month.  Total unique visitors equalled 164,470 (both according to Extreme Tracking).  The launch of the search for 100 policies for the Conservative Party made a significant contribution to this number.  The page has quickly become a favourite for many ConservativeHome visitors. 

The above graph captures ConservativeHome’s page downloads since last November.  It doesn’t quite begin at the start of ConservativeHome’s existence – characterised by our campaign to retain grassroots members’ vote in the leadership election – but it gives a reasonable overview of the site’s growing traffic.  Here are some highlights as marked on the graph…

(1) ConservativeHome publishes its Q&A with the two leadership candidates;
(2) David Cameron wins the Tory leadership and ConservativeHome’s review of the election receives links from around the world;
(3) ConservativeHome reveals the Conservative Party’s A-list of ‘Priority Candidates’;
(4) ConservativeHome estimates it costs about £41,500 to become a Tory MP;
(5) We publish the likely next Tory logo;
(6) The Inigo Wilson affair.

I’m publishing this information to coincide with the first day of ConservativeHome’s relationship with the MessageSpace advertising agency.  One of their ads features at the bottom of this post.  Please contact MessageSpace if you want to advertise on ConservativeHome and reach the many MPs, councillors, journalists and active Tories who visit this site for a one-stop guide to everything Tory.

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