The Party has today spotlighted a new EU directive that is being legislated, "establishing an infrastructure for spatial information in the Community" (aka INSPIRE, see initial proposal). In a nutshell this mild-sounding directive will forcibly harmonise all maps and geographical information.

Not only that, but the EU, with John Prescott’s help, is trying to establish regions that cross national boundaries, in order to work towards "a United Europe". Germany’s plans for its presidency next year will involve this territorial integration to attempt to "overcome old borders".

This would mean Britain would be split up into: North Sea Region (includes east Britain), the Atlantic Region (west Britain),
the Ireland-Wales Region, the Transmanche Region (south east England) and the
Northern Periphery Region (north Scotland). It’s hard to comprehend.

Eric Pickles MP, Shadow Minister for Local Government said:

"Under the Labour Government, Britain has already been sub-divided into regions as part of John Prescott’s empire building. Yet worse could be to come; a conspiracy of cartographers in Brussels is seeking to break up Britain into regions that cross national boundaries. I fear that there is an agenda is to undermine national identities and impose a United States of Europe by stealth. Conservatives will fight these attempts to balkanise Britain."

The new powers would also include compiling property information into a database – possibly with a view to charging an EU-wide property tax.

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