David Cameron will attempt today to show that he understands the strong ‘anti-politician’ sentiments within the electorate.  In a submission to the Conservative Party’s democracy taskforce, chaired by Ken Clarke, the Tory leader will make a number of recommendations:

  • MPs’ to lose the right to set their own pay to the senior salaries review body;
  • A smaller number of MPs;
  • A Civil Service Act to entrench the independence of Whitehall officials;
  • Breaches of the ministerial code to be investigated independently and not by the Prime Minister.

According to The Guardian, Mr Cameron will say:

"There is a backlash against top-down, dictatorial government and a desire for greater openness, probity and accountability in the institutions that regulate and control our lives.  Tony Blair’s government has tarnished politics and eroded public confidence in our traditional institutions. We need to restore trust and tackle the public’s underlying cynicism – that politicians put party before country and partisan spin before the truth. In short, society has changed. Politicians must change too."

Mr Cameron is also asking Mr Clarke to explore ideas to dilute the "Punch & Judy aspect" of Prime Minister’s Question Time.

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