George Osborne has reacted to Gordon Brown’s speech (the main points of which can be read here):

“Gordon Brown tries to present himself as the face of change but who has been running the government for the last nine years?  He said Britain suffers from a poverty of opportunity, a lack of affordable housing and poor care for elderly people – but he has had nine years to deal with these problems.  This is a terrible record of failure. If the British people want change then they will have to vote for it.”

But it will be Cherie Blair’s reported reaction that is set to steal the headlines (Bloomberg):

"Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie, walked out of a speech by U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, accusing him of misleading the public about his relationship with the prime minister.  As Brown told the Labour Party conference in Manchester that it had been a "privilege for me to work with and for” the premier, Mrs. Blair left the conference center saying "well that’s a lie.”  Brown has been accused by Blair allies including former Home Secretary Charles Clarke of plotting to undermine his leadership. Blair has been in charge of the Labour Party for 12 years, since Brown stood aside to give him a clear run at the leadership."