The Daily Express’ Chief political commentator, Patrick O’Flynn, has penned an important article today on the potential of Alan Johnson taking the crown from Brown. His main points:

John Major comparison "Risen without trace", could beat hotly-tipped candidate to succeed PM, self-made London boy.

Union support As former General Secretary of the Union of Communication Workers, he has enough trade union contacts to give Brown a run for his money for their votes in the election.

Unmistakably English Unlike Glaswegian John Reid he can go for the English vote, and he has a very different sort of Englishness to "the Four Weddings And A Funeral persona of Mr Cameron".

He has the nerve Has a record of being cheeky to those higher up the food chain, and Brown has said he wouldn’t punish anyone who stood against him (he may already be preparing a bid).

Johnson is said to be greatly underestimated as a moderniser and a nice guy… is he?

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