Fourpointlead_1The headline numbers in the latest ICM survey for The Guardian* are a little disappointing for Cameron’s Conservatives.  The Tories only enjoy a 4% lead on the eve of the Labour and Tory conferences although they will hope that lead will increase if Labour’s conference is, as expected, fractious and the Tory conference is a showcase for Cameron’s greener, gentler conservatism.  Below the headline, ICM’s latest findings do offer encouragement for the Conservatives.

70% of voters agreed with one of the most powerful slogans in politics – that it was ‘time for a change’.  The people surveyed by ICM didn’t appear to believe that Gordon Brown represented that change.  The Conservative lead increased to +6% with Gordon Brown in charge.

Also below the headline ICM findings are a series of findings that show people are increasingly preferring Cameron to Brown.  The figures below indicate Cameron’s advantage on the listed attributes:

  • Most pleasant personality +35%
  • Most able to work with his colleagues +17%
  • Most enthusiasm for the job +12%
  • Most honest +8%
  • Likely to make best Prime Minister +3%
  • Most arrogant -21%
  • More likely to stab colleagues in the back -23%

* The changes in the ConservativeHome graphic are with Sunday’s ICM poll for The Mirror rather than the previous ICM poll for The Guardian.

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