David Cameron’s new emphasis on greater protection of the public appears to have been vindicated by a new opinion poll by YouGov for The Spectator.  YouGov has found that 69% of Britons want detention without charge for up to 90 days and 55% support passenger profiling at airports (anyone wanting to propose this for the 100 policies project please drop us an email).

The most encouraging finding of the poll is that the public appears to understand what is at stake in the war on terror – or what should more accurately be called the war on Islamic fascism.  Nearly three quarters (73%) agree that “the West is in a global war against Islamic terrorists who threaten our way of life”.  Only 8% think that “Islamic terrorism is a regional problem that poses no real threat to the West”.

Stephan Shakespeare, founder and CEO of YouGov, has written a commentary about the poll’s findings in today’s Platform, entitled Whose side are you on?

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