The excellent ToryRadio has got a new website this morning.  ToryRadio has quickly emerged as one of the stars of the Tory blogosphere and has attracted lots of coverage for recent interviews with Francis Maude (on ‘mincing meterosexuals‘) and Norman Tebbit (defending David Cameron’s ‘hoodie’ speech).

I happily supplied an endorsement to ToryRadio’s Jonathan Sheppard and have discovered that Iain Dale and I had spookily similar thoughts:

"Required listening if you want to get inside the minds of leading Conservatives. Jonathan Sheppard’s David Frost-like approach to interviewing is easy on the ear and he lulls his guests into a false comfort zone where they often reveal more than they had intended."
    – Iain Dale

"Jonathan Sheppard is the David Frost of the Tory blogosphere. His gentle interviewing style for ToryRadio consistently produces more interesting results than the aggressive style of most contemporary journalists."
    – Tim Montgomerie, Conservative Home


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