Norman Tebbit has answered Independent readers’ questions this morning.  Here are four highlights:

Have the Tories gone soft?
"I do not think Tory supporters have gone soft, but I think the Tory leadership believes the electors are too soft to take the hard decisions which the country is now facing."

Why are you so angry all the time?

"I am not angry all the time. But I am angry that a country which has been capable of independent democratic self-government longer than any other, should be reduced to the status of a European province led by a puppet of the President of the United States."

How far should Britain follow the Bush administration into the moral abyss?
"Since the United States is a more religious country than the United Kingdom and President Bush’s policies – right or wrong – are more principled than those of Mr Blair, I think the question lacks meaning."

Have you ever owned a leather jacket?
"Yes. I bought it second-hand for ten shillings just after the war. Alas, falling off bicycles and motor bikes did it no good and I sold it on after several years for half a crown."

Read the full Q&A here.

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