Whilst the papers display pictures of the Prime Minister’s chintzy swimming shorts and three-yacht coterie, both the Deputy-PM and the Wannabe-PM are almost invisible to the public at a time of terror threats and international crisis. In their place strides John Reid, who has been representing the Government in the media and chairing the COBRA security committee.

The Mail on Sunday has an excerpt of 10 Downing Street’s Grid that reveals "Right-winger Reid’s" (a former Communist Party activist) controversial terror speech on Wednesday was supposed to be about the Home Office issues of criminal justice and immigration. As an aside, the social problems created by the influx of immigration are articulated very well by Frank Field MP in the same paper – at least Reid has been stealing Tory policies to deal with them.


Perhaps it is Blair’s wish that a proven
bruiser has the reins while he takes a break. Despite incurring wrath from the Attorney General, Reid’s media exposure
on the whole might increase his odds of beating Peter Hain and Alan
Johnson to being the next DPM.

Has he found favour, bullied his way through, or is he merely a lightning rod?

Deputy Editor

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