National Review’s Corner: "This plot, involving, according to Fox News, at least six American airliners crossing the Atlantic, already seems very reminiscent of the so-called "Bojenka" (or "Manila Air") plot from 1994 — the Ramzi Yousef / Khalid Sheik Mohammed plot to blow up a dozen U.S. airliners as they were in flight over the Pacific.  There is obviously a focus here on liquid explosives, out of the belief that they would defeat screening detectors.  The ’94 plot involved explosive components that the bomber could assemble in the plane’s bathroom and that could be detonated by a timer (a simple wrist-watch, if I’m remembering correctly).  Yousef put one of these together in a test-run.  He boarded a plane making one stop enroute to the U.S.  On the first leg, he put together the device and planted it under his seat.  He then did not contine on the second leg.  The bomb detonated, killing a Japanese national and nearly bringing the flight down.  There is often a long time between attacks, but the jihadists are not idling.  They refine their tactics, and they often go back, again and again, to the same targets and the same plans."

EU Referendum: "The news coming in of the plot to blow up UK flights in mid-air is devastating. This is a salutary and important reminder that the "war on terror" is not a figment of the imagination of the Bush-Blair axis but a reality. Congratulations to the police and security services for intercepting the terrorists."

Iain Dale’s Diary: "I’ve just been watching John Reid’s press conference. Strange, I thought, that the Deputy Prime Minister was nowhere to be seen."  Strange or a cause for some relief?

Counterterrorism blog: "The British security reports about a plot to destroy airliners traveling from London to the US and the decision by UK authorities to ban passengers hand bags on board brings back the whole question of the "factory" again, an issue I have been tiredly raising with legislators and officials on both sides of the Atlantic: From shoes to hand bags the Jihadists are not letting go of their morbid fantasy: bleeding the skies over the Atlantic. While most investigation will direct itself on the "hand bag" weapon in the next few hours and probably days, the larger question on the mind of Jihadism analysts will certainly be: where do these Jihadists come from and how come there are more of them?"

John Williams on Comment is free: "John Reid presumably knew about the plot to blow thousands of British holidaymakers out of the sky when he warned yesterday that we face the biggest security threat since the second world war."

Meanwhile, Europe continues to appease: "The EU will not for the time being put the Islamist Hezbollah movement on its blacklist of terrorist organisations but the discussion could re-emerge in the future, the Finnish EU presidency has said" – David Medienkritik

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